A Day out in Lancashire for the Active Person

It goes without saying that being active is extremely good for both your mental and physical health. No matter what sport or activity you do, going outdoors is something that can definitely lift up your spirits. England is well-known for its countless natural trails and bike routes, and Lancashire is no exception. The region is the definition of natural beauty and you can come across picturesque villages where outdoor activities can easily become a walk-through English history. You can enjoy nature and history all at once. A visit here is extremely fun for an active person and this is why we are here to show you some of the best options in the area.

Horse riding

What can be more interesting and fun than visiting the countryside on the back of a horse? The county is well-known for the horse farms that are found in almost every village. What’s more, there is no bad time in the year to do it thanks to the fact that the winters here are not very harsh and the horse breeds are, in turn, very resilient. It is also a great family activity. Finding a horse farm is not difficult at all and there are prices for every budget.

Canoeing and kayaking

Lancashire is full of rivers and lakes that make it perfect for water sports lovers. You can find a multitude of places from which you can rent a canoe and paddles in order to explore the area’s natural beauty. The best place to do this is in Windermere. It has very calm water that is perfect even for beginners. The best time to test your skills is during the summer, as all the other seasons can provide only the freezing cold water. There are also many canoe competitions here where you can show off all you have learned.


Having many places for water activities, it is natural that Lancashire is a hot spot for sailing. Windermere, in turn, can offer the multitude of boat rentals companies and the calm water. It is also a great idea for a fun family activity if you are skilled enough to sail with merry passengers, especially if you want to prove your experience. If not, you can hire someone to teach you at one of sailing schools on the shore and some of them can also train you to get an international sailing certificate.


Lancashire is full of trails that can be used by bicycles and people at the same time. It is a great way to explore the raw nature of Lancashire and to keep yourself in shape. One of the best trails is The Lancashire Way. This is a long-distance trek that is almost 300 miles long and it is divided into portions. At the end of each section is a village or city where you can spend the night and rest for the next day. It is a true adventure for the nature and outdoor lover.