A Homegrown Cycling Festival in Accrington – Sporting in Lancashire

We have always heard of how imperative communities are to us and how we as individuals are constituents making up and playing essential roles in our communities. The essence of this concept can be appreciated in a lot of prominent places around the world, and this is demonstrated in the collaborative efforts of independent training providers like Lancs Group for Training, Coach House and Amazing Accrington team in the new homegrown cycling festival in Accrington.

Located within the heart of the northwest region of England lies the small town Accrington in Hyndburn of Lancashire. Accrington is known for its hardest and densest building bricks manufacturing triumphs. Some of which are seen in buildings like the Empire State Building and Haworth Art Gallery.

Accrington illustrates a case of community teaming together to create a durable in-house relationship to maintain peace, harmony, and unity. In addition to other activities that encourage teamwork and productivity, the cycling festival in Accrington is outstanding in that it brings together the community to holistically promote order and balance in the community.

Home Grown Cycling Festival

The cycling festival in Accrington is the first and only festival that undergoes a full participative and collaborative performance from business groups, media, the community itself and even the Lancashire County Council. This covers the planning and organization, scheduling of the events. The events include a diverse range of fun-filled activities and community friendly events that has gained much recognition over the years.

Bike doctors were there to execute checks on the cycles, that the riders can benefit from before embark on a tour of the locale. The North Lancs also co-ordinated the so-called bike swap as part of their revival cycle schemes. They enable people to hire electric bikes. These hires are usually available for monthly hire options and include even conventional bikes.

The organizers made a display of trikes, and tandems while also simultaneously including clown bikes and penny farthings to help with the proceedings of the events. This is also coupled with the initiative of country-back bike ride training, which is purposed for those within the community who are still yet to gain confidence on the two-wheeled bike riding. They also have a planned route connecting eastern Lancashire to promote tourism.

Future Activities

Amazing Accrington will be bringing their soapbox challenge for the second year in a row and are shifting their attention from two-wheels into four-wheelers. This proposed plan is also supported and endorsed by the North Lancs, Renwick Engineering and Emerson. The appointed judges are set to keep their eyes open intriguing and imaginative soapbox design and the team costume that is the most detailed and eye-catching along with tracking the fastest performing rigs. The event resulted in a total of £1,660 being raised for the Maundy Relief last year. The progress of Accrington into the future looks certainly healthy as a result of efforts placed in these activities to nurture more unity and mutual understanding within the town.