The Football League Clubs of Lancashire – Part 1

Football is big in Lancashire and the north-west of England.  The huge scale of industrialization and urbanization during the 19th century in the region brought huge numbers into the area. Football’s popularity as the working man’s sport soon spread as the growing cities and mill town each created their own professional football team. The football…

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The Boxers of Lancashire

The county of Lancashire and the North West of England has been a famous breeding ground for some of Britain’s best boxing talent. The Britain has some fantastic arenas where the nation’s top promoters have staged fight events that have been televised throughout the world. Liverpool’s John Conteh was the WBC’s light heavyweight champion between…

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The Sporting History of Lancashire

Lancashire is a county in the North West of England and prior to 1974 included the metropolitan counties of Liverpool and Manchester. The people of these two massive cities still regard themselves as Lancastrians so these two cities will be regarded as being part of the county. The population of the region is around 8…

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