Continuing The Fundraising of Sporting Legend Jim Rhodes

Thousands of people die every day due to various reasons, but very few of them leave their mark on people’s lives. Jim Rhodes is one of those incredible people who has left his mark on people’s lives. The Radcliffe AC legend is being remembered by his fellow runners and people associated with the club. Jim was an exceptional runner in his age group. He also raised over 100,000 pounds for charity during his lifetime, 70,000 of which was for St Ann’s Hospice. Most of the dart events and charity races were organized in his late wife’s memory. Jim was a sportsman all his life. At just 11, he went to Radcliffe Harriers. He became the Junior Lancashire champion when he was only 17. In the1960s, he went to Bolton Harriers where he met Ron Hill, the Marathon champion and Mike Freary, then 10,000m record holder. Before joining Radcliffe AC, Jim went to Northern Veterans AC. In 2016, Jim had won the Central Lancashire Grand Prix in the over 75 age group. Even though Jim was a fierce competitor on the track, he was always supportive of all the runners, no matter which club they ran for. He was tagged as “True Gentleman” by his fellow runners. Other than running, Jim also loved boxing and darts. He even competed in dart tournaments after becoming an official in the Lancashire dart association.

Everyone at Radcliffe AC misses the legend after his passing and frequently remember his efforts as a sportsman and a hero. The chairman of the Radcliffe AC, Chris Paxton is one of them. He said that nothing else could describe Jim’s life but the term “legend.” Everything he did was legendary, from running to supporting great causes. Jim had a passion for everything he took part in. Talking about the Jim Rhodes Junior races, the runner used it to touch on his love for the young runners. He loved to see new runners coming out from Lancashire’s heart. No one can forget the smile on his face when he was awarding junior champions the year before his passing.

The people of Radcliffe loved Jim. He inspired thousands of people, not just athletes with his zeal and passion towards everything he did. He always wanted to give back to the community, and he did whatever he could for everyone. Coming to his family, Jim had three sons, two grandchildren, and a daughter in law. He also had four great-grandchildren. People of Radcliffe were as dear to him as his family was and his contribution to Radcliffe will always be remembered by every local. Jim’s life was an inspiration for everyone in this world. His life was a testimony that age is no barrier in following their passion. The best part about his efforts is that every athlete from Lancashire who has witnessed his heroic efforts as a charity legend has come forward to continue the legacy which Jim started. Every drop is essential to make an ocean, and the legend of Jim Rhodes has a promise of living on beyond his time – Thanks to the efforts of every member of the Lancashire community.