Experience Lancashire’s Most Popular Festival – Lightpool Lancashire

The end of the summer season need not be the end of fun and festivities. In fact, the Lightpool Festival occurs after summertime during the middle of autumn in October. Fall is the time when the daytime shortens and the period of night lengthens. Although darkness lasts longer, the people of Blackpool turn this occasion into happy celebration through their annual lights show.

The Lightpool Festival

To light up the dark autumn nights, citizens of Blackpool hold a lights show festival for both guests and citizens which they call the Lightpool Festival. The organizers collaborate with the BBC Philharmonic to provide spectators with the best festival experience which includes musical performances, art exhibits filled with lights, and an illuminated tram parade.

The festival was first held in 2016, and due to its success and popularity, the festival was recognized by the Lancashire Tourism Awards as the best major event. In 2017, they added to the festivities the illuminated tram parade, as mentioned, which celebrated Blackpool’s heritage collection of vintage trams made alive once again by a decoration of lights.

During the festival, the lights are lit up from 5 pm until midnight where everyone in the town can admire the festive exhibits and installations. A trip on a tram is one of the best ways to view the light show. The trip can be nostalgic for some as the view is said to be reminiscent of Blackpool during the late 20th century. Walking to the South pier of the town is also another way to view the entirety of the show from the vantage point of the promenade.

Festival Highlights

One of the most popular highlights of the Lightpool Festival is the tram parade. The vintage trams are beautifully decorated in twinkling lights and paraded in convoy along the Blackpool promenade accompanied by costumed characters. The show is a tribute to the town’s heritage and historical collection of trams which is composed of a Great Western train, a trawler, and a battleship.

Another highlight is the House of Wingz, which is a performance that highlights the evolution of light and how various communities have benefitted from it for utility or entertainment from the beginning up to the present. The dance event is both factual and entertaining, accompanied by lively music. LumiDog workshops are also held during the festival where dog owners and their dogs attempt to marry together the art of lights and dog fashion. The best dog makeovers are awarded after the workshops.

Dining, Rest, and Illuminasia

The town of Blackpool offers the best accommodations while you are in the area for their Lightpool festival. A lavish guest house and hotel could be found in Number One South Beach and the Imperial, while The Big Blue will bring you closer to the seaside amusement park called Pleasure Beach.

Finding the best place to rest and eat during the festival will not be a problem as the town’s best restaurants offer a variety of delicious cuisine. The Beach House is located near the beach and offers various dishes like seafood, steak, and pizza. The Cottage is well-known for their fish and chips while Sapori is the best place for Italian food. If you want to stay longer after the Lightpool festival, locals recommend visiting the Winter Gardens. It is the venue for the biggest indoor light exhibit called Illuminasia.