Figure Skate on Ice in The Best Arenas of Lancashire

Figure skating represents a sport where individual athletes or athletic teams perform on the ice. They give an artistic performance that is more pleasing to look at when the techniques are right, and the selection of music is perfect. Both men and women are allowed to participate as singles or even as a pair, as this ice skating event is open to both genders.

Why Choose to Figure Skate

Figure skating at the Olympic Winter Games is one of the oldest competitions in the history of the Winter Olympics. It was first initiated in 1908 at the London Games and later in Antwerp in 1920. There is much emphasis on figure skating in Lancashire. For those who are locals are visitors, the place provides an array of opportunities to try your skills at figure skating. Many figure skaters have originated from Lancashire like their own homegrown, legendary Kathleen Shaw. Here are a couple of afforadable and ionic places where you can choose to learn how to figure skate professionally or as a hobby.

Best Arenas in Lancashire

Planet Ice, Blackburn

In 2016 December, the Junior Ladies took part at the British Figure Skating Championships which was held at ‘Ice Sheffield.’ This rink has a specialist skate excellence program to suit different skills and levels with qualified coaches. Courses are customized for every age group. There are sessions throughout the year for juniors as well as seniors to take part in. Many attendees who visit this arena, always come back for more fun or even take up professional figure skating classes here. There are onsite cafes and restaurants that parents can indulge in while their kids have a go on the ice. For a few pounds, this place is both affordable and perfect for people with or without skates. There are Ice Skates available for rent at the venue if you choose to rent instead of bringing your own skates.

The Arena, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

This arena offers to coach the most experienced ice skaters in the UK who perform at the international and national level. There are free lessons conducted for skating and baton twirling. The Arena is best suited for the more experienced skater or someone interested in being a professional. The Arena is known to be one of the oldest ice rinks in the world. It has a variety of activities that offer students like dancing or even rollerblading. The theatre seating that wraps around the rink is perfect for the audience to look on as students practice. The admission into the Arena is one of the cheapest in the Lancashire area too.

Why Choose to Ice or Figure Skate

Ice skating helps in improving balance and is a positive exercise. This sport teaches one to get back and stay steady on your feet quickly. Ice skating is a real solution to improve joint versatility. This is because of the main emphasis on healthy knees and quick foot movements. For cardiovascular health, aerobic exercise is essential, and ice skating offers the perfect aerobic workout needed. Ice skating provides great exercise focusing on toning and building leg muscles. It concentrates on lower-body movements.