Free Adventurous Things to Do in Lancashire

Usually, vacations, fun, and relaxation are equated to a nearly empty bank account.  A lot of people turn down the opportunity to travel and explore the world for fear of draining their hard-owned savings. However, traveling is no longer for the rich, as many have also discovered fun and frugal ways to have an adventure in another country without breaking the bank.

In England, for example, in the county of Lancashire, there are several places that you can visit and activities that you could do without spending a dime.

Old Holly Farm in Garstang

Have you always dreamed of living on a farm and having the time of your life experiencing simple country living and doing farm house chores? You can experience all this and more for free at the Old Holly Farm, a family-run farm in Garstang. Visitors have the opportunity to experience and learn the daily details of real farm life. They also have a Playbarn for young children which houses traditional farm animals, the Farm Shop where they sell their products, and the Courtyard Café.

Pendle Sculpture Trail

If you are into mysterious and scary places, the Pendle Sculpture Trail might just be the place that you are looking for. The unique symbols carved into ten ceramic plaques scattered throughout the trail tell the story of the biggest witchcraft trial that occurred in the county over 400 years ago. The trail is located in Aitken Wood on the outskirts of Barley. Both families and groups of friends can have fun exploring the path as the ten iconic plaques are hidden in treasure trail style and can be found by answering quizzes along the way.

Comedy Carpet in Blackpool

Staying near the urban areas of Lancashire county, you can visit the Comedy Carpet along the promenade of Blackpool. Going on a walk along the carpet will surely remind you of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. However, instead of immortalizing movie stars, the carpet walk will make you laugh out loud as each tile on the carpet celebrates British comedy like lines from jokes, songs, and even catchphrases of famous British comedians.

Preston’s Bee Centre

Ever wondered how sweet honey is made? Have you desired to witness how bee colonies work their wonders? You can explore the Bee Centre in Preston for free. Their Visitor Centre is a very informative place where guests can view displays and read about bees, their activities, and their working relationship with human beings. Visitors can watch the honeybees work their magic up close without the fear of being stung by looking through their marvelous glass observation hive. The Bee Centre staff are also available and very approachable if you want to ask them about bees and beekeeping.

Brockholes Nature Reserve

Nature lovers can also find their very own free activity in Lancashire country by the Brockholes nature reserve in Preston. Brockholes is managed by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust who have built habitats for various wildlife in the 250-acre sanctuary.  Explore trails, hikes, the woods, or take a boat ride on the waters of the River Ribble. Brockholes has made sure that their reserve is open and enjoyable for lifelong naturalists and beginners who want to get more in touch with nature.