Homegrown and Delicious – Lancashire’s Bury Black Pudding

Lancashire acquired its name from Lancaster city. It is a county located in North West England. Lancashire is now a tourist destination owing to its scenic beauty and offers an easy approach to all the places around it. Black pudding in Lancashire is a delicacy that dates back to 1810. The first ever pudding was made in Casewell’s shop. This was a small shop at no.60 Union Street, and they specialized in selling the unique Black Pudding. The ingredients of Black pudding include barley, pig’s blood, pork fat, oatmeal, herbs, and Rusk. The secret herb added is Pennyroyal, a part of the very aromatic mint family.  Every year in September there is ‘Throwing Championships of World Black Pudding’ taking place in Lancashire in Ramsbottom. The competitors fight with Yorkshire puddings in the War of the Roses. This fight is conducted with black pudding thrown from a high plinth of 20 ft.

Who Else Enjoys Black Pudding?

Black Pudding is consumed in more than 30 countries, besides the UK. Of course, each country has its own version of Black Pudding. The countries that share the love for Black Pudding are Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Iceland, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovenia, France, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Estonia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Taiwan, China, Java Tibet, Thailand, Brazil, Philippines, and many more.

The Versatility of Black Pudding

Black pudding is perfect for breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner. It is a popular dish among the Lancashire locals and dates back to the 16th century. Throughout the UK, meat eaters are fond of black pudding, and now other parts of the world have acquired a taste for it. Black pudding was traditionally made in the UK, and it is also consumed, uncooked. However, it is mostly fried or boiled before it is served. It features several fillings and incorporates onions, oatmeal, fat, and other flavorings. Black pudding is not available around the world in all countries. Therefore, the Bury black pudding in the UK is a great choice to try for tourists with an adventurous palate. It is associated with Lancashire and is enjoyed is a perfect addition to some beautiful and authentic English breakfast. The conventional way of using Bury black pudding is by arranging it in sausage shapes before cooking it. The fillings are heated ahead of adding it to a pan. The mixture is cooled and cast into casings in the shape of sausages. Finally, it is cooked for ten minutes in boiling water. Similar to sausages, the pudding is ensured that it is cooked on all sides


Facts About The Bury Black Pudding:

  • The recipe of black pudding is believed to have come from the Apicius, a Roman recipe collection. This technique involves the cutting of the intestine in lengths to work as the casing for the filling. Then, it is filled with hard-boiled egg yolks, leeks, onions, and pine kernels.
  • Black pudding became popular in the middle ages. This was the time when even low-income families owned a pig. As the pigs were slaughtered, the blood of the pig would be blended with diced ginger, fat, pepper, cloves, minced onions, and was filled into the intestine cuts.