Indulge in a Haunting Adventure in Lancashire

Lancashire has a rich and long history and a lasting appeal of the UK; however, there are historical tales that come with a little creepiness and evil. Lancashire is known to have some of the spookiest locations and has excellent stories from white robed women guarding the hallways to witches that performed dark magic. Listed below are the most haunted places to visit in Lancashire:

Morecambe’s Winter Gardens

Winter Gardens, Morecambe was built in 1897 and was earlier known as Pavilion Theater. Now, it stands as a paranormal entity’s home. Inside the auditorium, visions of the spirit has known to take the form of shadows that move across the line of sight to a grumpy ghost pushing, poking, and even slapping some guests and tourists. It is said that the ghost of a seamstress who wanted the stage life now roams the dress rooms as well.

South Ribble’s Samlesbury Hall

The haunted house in South Ribble has a very frightening history including spot executions, murders, and suicide. Samlesbury Hall in England is a medieval home having spirits including those of Dorothy Southworth. Apparently, many shocked motorists have seen her while crossing the road. There are ghost tours available; if you are bold enough, you can stick around and see if you can see something supernatural.

Pendle Hill’s Spooks

The place is known to have housed around 10 Pendle witches who were suspects of witchcraft and for the murders of ten people during the 17th century. It is said that out of the who few of them were tried, one of them died while awaiting the trial, one was found ‘not guilty’, and the others were given death sentence by hanging. The accused witches’ ghosts course through Pendle Hill and manifests to anyone trying to make contact. As a visitor, you may go on any of the walking tours and explore the Hill.

Lancaster Castle’s Eerie History

Lancaster castle holds a very dark history. In 1612, the place held Witch Trials, and 266 public hanging executions. Even up until recently, it was a Cat-C Prison; no wonder the castle is full of restless spirits. There are spooky sightings with floating orbs, shadowy figures, sudden crying sounds, and low temperatures. There are daily tours available and some haunted evening adventure events.

Preston’s Hoghton Tower

Hoghton Tower frequently experiences paranormal activity. There are unusual occurrences that hold the record in ghost appearances actually seen by people. It is also ranked as the third of the worst haunted places. It is said that the ghosts include a monk, dog, a little girl, and the Lady in Green who is seen more commonly. She appears well dressed in green velvety clothes and chuckles to herself when spotted. If you can spend some time on a tour of this venue, chances are high you would see a supernatural being.

The Good Old Rufford Hall

This hall is believed to be the place that the ghost of Queen Elizabeth the First lives in. It is not clear why the Queen chose this location, but she is usually spotted in the dining area. Another spirit who resides here is Elizabeth Hesketh. She was once a young, heartbroken lady succumbed to illness and died after hoping she would see her husband again to say goodbye. The Rufford hall is open for visitors.