Lancashire for Theatre Fans – Visiting Lancashire

When it comes to displaying a spectacular show, Lancashire knows how. Throughout the year, it is musicals and operas galore in this beautiful town. The theatres here are not just about the show but carry some amazing architectural wonders with some rich cultural heritage added to the mix. If you genuinely want to experience the theatre lifestyle and the entertainment sector of Lancashire, then opt to join a heritage tour or even a behind-the-scenes look into the theatre scene. The leading counties that boast an independent theatre scene are Blackpool and Lancaster, while other counties have a few theatres, these are probably the place you want to put at the top of your itinerary. Here are a few of the top Lancashire spots you should visit.

  • Darwen Library Theatre

This theatre conducts programmes in different art forms and community activities. The theatre is not one of the flamboyant ones but is perfect for an intimate experience. There are exciting programmes that you can expect to find here throughout the year, and the tickets are affordable as well.

  • King George’s Hall

This theatre is known for its amazing reviews to cross travel and tourism website. The theatre hall is a must visit for theatre fans. The hall is located in the central point of Blackburn and showcases live entertainment in different genres. If you are one of those theatre lovers who love a dash of comedy shows in their itinerary, then you should visit this location for its comedy clubs.

  • The Storey

This architectural wonder is not just for theaters but hosts a whole lot of fantastical entertainment pieces for the art lover in you. Galleries, crafts, and different arts surround the walls of this institute that has been around for over 130 years. In the year 2009, the Storey was remodeled and designed to feature the exhibitions that they host today.

  • The Atkinson

Extravagance is the middle name for this theatre and art venue. The government has spent over 30 million dollars in the construction of this venue. The place attracts fans from all over to its central point in Southport. For the visual and performing arts fan, this place is a haven with shows throughout the year. The biggest names in different musical performances showcase their pieces at the Atkinson too, and if you are  fortunate, you might catch some of the best shows.

  • The Grand Theatre

No list of theatres in Lancaster will ever be complete without the mention of the Grand Theatre. The theatre is by far rated the number one by many people who have visited and for a good reason. The theatre is an award-winning venue for the English Touring Theatre, UK productions, Opera and Ballet International and the Russian State Ballet as well. Truly, an experience you must avail if you are visiting.

  • The Dukes Theatre and Cinema

For the quaint and quiet theatre lover, this venue is another intimate experience. Expect to find a big array of movies and self-produced work that is hosted at the site. The most notable show is the Promenade productions that are hosted at their outdoor area here.