Mystic, Magic, and Witchery – Pendle Hill Witch Hunt in Lancashire

Do you believe in the existence of witches? Regardless of anyone’s views, witches were feared immensely in the 17th century in Lancashire, UK. One such notorious place that still exists is on the Pendle Hill Witch Trail that takes you back to the past to discover the mysterious history of the county. Exploring the witch trail can be done either by foot, by car, and by bicycle. There is a guided tour to take you on a journey of the Pendle Village Mill and Pendle Witch experience. This tour lasts at least two hours. Self-guided walking routes begin in a quaint village called Barley.  There are two walking loops from Barley that covers around 3.5 miles and 4 miles. One thing is assured: there is no chance of getting lost. You may conveniently follow the wooden markers featuring a witch engraved on a broomstick.  You can also download a map from the Lancashire official website.

The witches’ place encompasses historical sites, and they are located amidst stunning natural attractions. The months between May and September are perfect for walks here. There is a driving trail available starting in Barrowford village at the Pendle Heritage Centre. You get to pass through charming villages, Forest of Bowland and Pendle Hill. Thus, finishing at Lancaster Castle indicates that the trail in actuality stretches for over 45 miles. Active cyclists may enjoy this ride as the directions are well-marked. Merely following the route is enough to reach Pendle Hill, the homes of the witches now, are where people were sentenced to death.

The Pendle Witch trail’s starting point is also a driving route. However, it is best to know about the witches, their trials, alleged crimes, and their punishments at Pendle Heritage Centre, before embarking on the adventure ride.  There is an entrance ticket to be purchased before you venture toward your destination. En route, you will be taken back to a time in the 1600s where everything about witches and myths were real. It was a period of political upheaval, strong superstitions, and religious persecution. During this period, people were always in fear of their lives as they lived in poverty. This was also the time the eerie tales about the place began. These tales talk about a young lady who cursed a wandering trader. When she was brought to the local court, she confessed that she used witchcraft. Following that incident, she accused her neighbors and her family. Thus, at Lancaster castle, the witch along with the others she worked with, was put on trial, and then began the rumors, hearsay stories, and speculation. It is said that somebody tried witchcraft in York and sparked a controversy that got ten other people in trouble for practicing witchcraft. The Pendle Hill incidents in the past have been instrumental in starting up several controversies and truths regarding the dark arts that came to light. 

There are many stories relating to the Pendle Heritage Centre, as well. In fact, there are strong ties to the Bannister family history, who were the ancestors of Roger Bannister, the legend who ran a mile within four minutes. On the trail, apart from the eerie aura, there is a walled garden, that you should explore and experience. This is also the most exciting place to initiate an adventure before following on the trail.