Some Outdoorsy Fun and Wildlife in Lancashire – Martin Mere Wetland Centre

You will find the Martin Mere Wetland Centre around six miles away from Ormskirk in Lancashire. The centre is one of the region’s most popular places to go to for tourists. The site was featured on a television show about nature called Autumnwatch. The area that the centre is in used to be a marsh, and it used to be the most significant freshwater body in England. To create the centre, they had the water of the swamp drained. It is now a popular place since numerous birds migrate there when it’s wintertime. The Martin Mere Wetland Centre is always open to visitors throughout the year, so you’ll be seeing many types of animals of various shapes and sizes when you’re visiting the centre. People who visit the centre can take a close look at the different animals by using the available bird viewing hides. If you’re looking to admire the flora, there are numerous varieties of traditional plants and wildflowers at the centre that you can only find in Lancashire. There are even some plants that are on the borderline of becoming extinct. When you’re done exploring the centre, you can have some lunch at the centre’s cafe or obtain souvenirs at the centre’s gift shop.

The Diverse Types of Wildlife You’ll Find Around The Martin Mere Wetland Centre

Ensure you clear your schedule for the entire day so you can have the full experience of the centre. Each of the centre’s areas will have different kinds of animals in each of them. There is also a nature trail you can traverse that goes around the nature reserve, which makes it accessible for everyone to easily travel every area. There will be hundreds of birds that will be feeding in the centre’s garden. You’ll see flamingos, cranes, geese, and ducks. There are a couple of tours that take place every day that you can choose if you want to go on one.

In the centre, you might be able to see two Asian short-clawed otters. They are both named Thai and Ned as well as a couple of otter cubs. You will also find a Reed bed walk and a Beaver Lodge. You can also go on a guided tour through the wetlands using a boat, and you can also explore a safari with a canoe. When winter arrives, you’ll see thousands of pink-footed geese migrate to the centre. There will also be Bewick’s swans and whooper swans coming to the centre. There are numerous waders and wildfowl that migrate to the centre for breeding in the marshes, which get flooded each year to give the birds encouragement.

Attractions For Your Family In The Martin Mere Wetland Centre

The centre is a favourite among families. There are many things that you can do, and there are activities that are aimed at children. For toddlers, there’s a play area designed to be like a small marshland. For older kids, there is a play space in the wetlands with channels, bridges and much more. In the play space, there is also a giant treehouse with a tunnel that you can descend as well as a play area in sand flats.