The 77-Year-Old Spell Breaking Win – Sport History in Lancashire

Other than the nature reserves, historical landmarks, and fun activities that you can do in the county, Lancashire also has its own memorable narratives in the field of sports. One such story is the Lancashire cricket championship won over Somerset in 2011 after almost 77 years of waiting to take home the title.

Lancashire’s Deserved Win

During the 2011 County Championships, Lancashire proved that it deserved the championship title after a 77-year dry spell when they have had earned the best running record during the championship – 10 wins out of 16 games. Although there were many great teams and players in Lancashire, a win in the cricket championships cannot come more often to the county than the famed Halley’s Comet.

However, through their will and hard work, the Lancashire team made history in their 2011 championship title. The names of key players Croft, Keedy, Cross, and Hogg have been officially written down in cricket’s sports history. Compared to other county teams and various other sports teams around the world, the Lancashire team did not have the advantage of importing talented players from other places or countries. Every person on the team were homegrown talents – making their win truly deserving and admirable.

Trials and Difficulties

The homegrown talents that have brought Lancashire the glory of the championship title were not considered as superior in skills or physical fitness. This was a challenge that the team had to face in addition to the lack of financing. However, Lancashire more than made up for it by developing the best asset that they had: teamwork and team spirit.

This kind of camaraderie and resolve could not be easily achieved. It is won by years of shared experiences where every team member worked under the same type of values. Imagine the years where Lancashire’s cricket team had to face continuous defeat. It was their belief in themselves and in each of the team members that made them persevere in working harder for the championships.

The Lancashire shined through most especially when they have arrived in the final day of the championships in Taunton and were facing the Somerset team. They continued playing their best throughout the afternoon, inspired by the belief that 2011 was their year. Finally, the game was ended victoriously by Gary Keedy, a 17-year member of the team, who finished the Somerset innings.

The Future of the Lancashire Cricket Team

The Lancashire’s spell-breaking win was just the beginning for the team. Some of their vintage team members retired after the championship such as long-running executive Jim Cumbes who have seen the club at its best and worst. However, the team also moved forward like Glen Chapple and Gary Keedy, ace players of the group, who have decided to think about continuing playing for Lancashire.

Many of the other players are dedicated to continuing with the Lancashire team as the championship refueled their passion for the team and has many more years of cricket games to look forward to. Mike Watkinson’s words, as director for cricket in Lancashire, was very fitting when he said that it was “a new dawn” for their team.