The Best of Lancashire’s Produce to Savour

Lancashire is located on the Irish Sea to the west coast of England. This county includes Manchester and Liverpool in the old times but has reduced in dimension after 1974. Lancashire has hamlets, market towns and villages scattered all around. There are cultivated farmlands, open moorlands and outstanding natural beauty extending beyond Ribble Valley and the river banks. The unique thing in Lancashire and eating out is that you can meet the produce-bearers. Ideally, they are the family involved in harvesting and rearing the produce for generations. It is hard to believe that Ribble Valley that began with moorland and rich salt deposits many years ago can now supply such succulent meats and Lancashire cheeses. It is genuinely astonishing that Lancashire is now a hub for quality dining and champion head chefs hailing from here. The traditional savories include the Lancashire cheese, chips, and fish, while there are lesser well-known savories such as cow-heel pie and Morecambe Bay Shrimps. Nevertheless, the traditional sweets of Lancashire include Chorley cake, Parkin cake, Sly cake, Sad cake, Goosnargh cake, and Wycoller cake.

Wycoller cake

There are award winning places worth visiting such as Parkers Arms – A brilliant Taste Lancashire winner at Newton in Bowland, The Assheton Arms and The Freemasons at Downham and Wiswell. All serve unique and specialty menus that are locally grown; recently caught or home-grown produce. There is enough opportunity for visitors to meet the growers and producers directly at annual events such as the Royal Lancashire Show and Clitheroe Food Festival or even at their farm shops. Following a Lancashire Cheese Walk allows exploring the Lancashire Milk Fields and the local artisan cheese producers.  Considering cycling or walking adventure into the Forest of Bowland can help working up your appetite and provide you with incredible sights of the moorland; besides you can also enjoy watching Lancashire’s sheep and cattle grazing the countryside. Walking up to Ward Stone, the highest points in Lancashire means you can see the native and hardy Lancashire Sheep, Dalesbred, grazing along the path.

A Few Prominent Restaurants

  • Northcote – This restaurant is a beautiful place that is visually charming, and you get to taste exceptional textures and flavors.
  • The Assheton Arms is a Grade II historic village pub and looks simply beautiful across the Ribble Valley presenting stunning views of the Downham village.
  • Parkersarms Inn is snuggled in Newton hamlet and offers modern British cuisine. If you are looking for something truly Lancashire, you will get to taste the finest of local ingredients here.
  • Freemasons Country Inn offers a combination of the finest and freshest ingredients creating a playground on the palate and artistic plating.
  • The Goosnargh Farms, are modern food producers who are known for their fowl, Blackstick’s Velvet cheese, Kirkham Lancashire Cheese, and Ribble Valley lamb and beef.


Lancashire cooking culture is well-known throughout the UK, especially for their savory pies. The most traditional pie is their meat and potato pie. The commercial pie maker is ‘Poole’s Pies of Wigan’ in Lancashire selling family and personal-sized pies. The combination of social, ecological, and economic sustainability allows Lancashire to produce a balanced and organic ecosystem that delivers tasty and healthy harvests.