The History of Accrington Archery Academy – The Norman Suchorzewski Story

Norman Suchorzewski picked up his bow in hand for the first time in 2006, and his first arrow was a ‘wow’ factor.  Suchorzewski was the key person to promote archery, and in 10 years several budding archers were enjoying this sport. Suchorzewski picked up a bow when he was 41 but made up for his lost time to the extent that he is now seen as one of the best archery coaches in and around the Accrington Archery Academy that he launched in 2013. In fact, he is also given the official approval seal by Archery GB. The Caerphilly-born coach strongly believes that archery is a sport that empowers you to rise to the top if you do not shy away from hard work. And it is evident in Suchorzewski’s dedication.

Norman Suchorzewski

Suchorzewski said, in his early 40s he wished to excel in a sport where he and his wife could participate together. However, they were considering any light sport that was not too strenuous. They wanted it to be a bit competitive, and that’s when they considered archery. In fact, the first time on the field was a competitive and prophetic day for Suchorzewski. The senior even remembers his first arrow. He aims to give many others the same opportunity to experience that feeling of accomplishment and thus started the academy.  Living in Oswaldtwistle, Suchorzewski was highly impressed with the sport and believed that everyone in life should get an opportunity to experience the sensation of arrow shooting, at least once. After trying the sport, he immediately took to developing his skills for coaching. Suchorzewski teaches electrical and electronics engineering. He realized that understanding the principles of engineering was enough to have the ability to point out his faults. This thought process and principle helped in teaching people to shoot at an extraordinary level. In 2011, Suchorzewski was selected as one of the nine coaches to work with a sport professionals team and Olympic coach at Archery GB’s National sports center in Shropshire at Lilleshall. With other coaches, he also developed a program to assist young archers in progressing their potential. When he began to envision his academy, Suchorzewski first had to decide the level of coaching he would offer and the facility that would suit it. He employed the required techniques and skills, and with the complete support and cooperation of Accrington Academy, in 2013 the Archery Academy came into existence. Within two years after its establishment, junior archers from Lancashire, Cheshire, and Yorkshire attended workshops every month. They were given full training, and the academy’s achievements showed the success that Archery GB recognized it. Archery GB also endorsed Archery Academy as an official training center.

Archer academy students

Norman has proportioned this success to Dr. Howie Carson who offered his advice to this skill acquisition and has been giving input essential for athlete development programs. Suchorzewski also employed Janette Wilcox and Paul Roberts as coaches to mentor and to offer performance coaching. Being recognized officially by Archery GB, it is now the pathway to explore future Olympians, said Suchorzewski. He said it was his dream to have an archery center and now his dream has finally turned into reality.