The History of Brewing Beers in Lancashire

Beers have always been a top menu item when it comes to relaxing after a tough day at work. It is soothing and helps to give you a chance to socialise with others and have a good time. It is also a popular drink to indulge in at parties, due to its lesser alcoholic content. It is particularly common to find almost anyone on a lunch break, just casually sipping on a beer. However, some people are known to be attached only to a specific type of beer, and this is where the history of the beer itself comes into play.

Creation of The Beers

The history of a beer not only shows exactly the thought process, or the effort put into the creation of the beer. However, it also shows us the more fundamental factors that can play on the experience provided by the beers. For example, if the company or brewery in charge of the beer originated from a more northern environment, the chances are that they may have a play in influencing the type of ingredients used in its production. 

Granted city status in 2002, Preston is a popular destination in Lancashire. More formally known as the borough of Preston, this city and district are located on the north bank of River Ribble. This district is known to be the 50th city of England, which was the 50th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Preston is also well known for its availability of breweries. From olden days it was considered to be immensely popular for its breweries. And according to modern levels of breweries available in Lancashire in the past decade, the heyday in olden times where Preston was famous for its breweries was more popular.

Preston – The Home of Breweries in Lancashire

In Preston, there were no more than 160 different breweries spread through the district. Each of those breweries consisted of different ways in which that one would brew their ales or drinks. However, the most common of the ways that were used included making the beers and drinks by hand and at home. Rather than buying it from outside the borders and importing it from foreign countries where it is expensive to deal and serve to guests, homebrews are advantageous. The information to create or brew a type of ale or beer was easy to find around in the olden days. All it required was to find the proper information pamphlet and paying one shilling – which was the currency at the time – to pay for

it. This not only helped with finding out exactly how one could brew his own beer, but it also helped to give new businesses a fresh start into becoming a tavern or brewery. It provided many with the chance to make money through the brewing of beer. An example of a person who once began his legacy through such discovery is Henry Sharples. Henry Sharples, at that time in history, was known to be brewing his own type of beer for Queen Adelaide. Many decided to use much of their knowledge to provide other establishments with ales and beers. Some of such places include the Apollo Inn, Old Royal George, Carven Heifer.