The History of Golfing in Lancashire

Lancashire provides an array of golf courses, and this includes the great courses along the coastline near Lytham St Annes to the golf courses near the Lancashire countryside. Royal Lytham and St Annes reveal a history of supporting golf. There were 11 Open Championships namely the Women’s British Opens, the Curtis Cup, Ryder Cups, Amateur Championships and the Ladies British-Open Amateur Championships The Royal Lytham hosts the Lytham Trophy that was won in the past by prominent figures in the amateur game. However, St Annes is the club where the professionals go to get qualified. These are the golf course clubs that are loved by many and are a few golf courses that are open to the public to practice their swings on tricky turfs. Heading to Lancashire to explore golf means that you are likely to encounter some unique variations in the game too. If you are considering a new take on golf, it is best to try Footgolf, the fastest growing ‘sport’ in the UK today. This combines football with golf in a friendly, fun and also in a competitive way. The aim is to kick from the starting point into the hole in the least number of shots. The venues to try this are the Golf complex and Mytton Fold Hotel, near Blackburn.

Lytham St Annes

World-famous Clubs

Lancastrians are lucky to live where the county has significant tournament venues and is more abundant in the championship than any other county in Britain. This is viewed as a great legacy as it offers an excellent opportunity for insight and enthusiasm.

How Golf Started Here

  • The story began in the 19th century. The Old Manchester Golf Club was established in 1818 but it now a club without a golf course.
  • The next popular spot where golf kicked off was the West Lancashire Golf Club. This is where the Royal Liverpool Club members and others wishing to take up the Scottish national game played on the north side of the Mersey. The Lancashire Golf Club was launched in 1873 to the north of Liverpool on the stretch of the dunes.
  • This stretch of the Lancashire coast now houses some famous clubs in the world that were prominent in the development of the sport. The first British Amateur Championship was held in 1885 at Royal Liverpool. The West Lancs and Formby were the two instrumental teams out of 24 clubs, in setting this up.
  • By spring 1910, there was a substantial majority of clubs making up the Lancashire Union. Quickly, the county launched a championship event that produced a champion and a champion club. Today there are over 11 top competitions in golf here.
  • In the mid-1920s, the English Golf Union was established, and J.Rayner Batty became the first president of Golf in Lancashire. Of course, two world wars followed with delays to this course.
  • From 1946, golf progressed, and gradually there were changes, expansion, improvements, and the popularity of the sport has since increased. Today, though Yorkshire has more golf clubs than Lancashire, the real roots and boost to golf are known to have come from the county of Lancashire.

    Old Manchester Golf Club