Thriving Through Springtime on the Lancashire Coast

Besides offering a superb lifestyle, Lancashire is a stellar place for tourists. The coastline is beautiful, and there are stunning vistas across the countryside. Regardless of the way you wish to spend your noon, there are many activities such as exploring new routes for walking, flying kites on the beach, or just exploring the cities nearby; the county offers all that you desire. There are stunning places to visit in this county and to enjoy it with the right combination of food and drinks. There is food to meet all tastes, right from the countryside inns to the Michelin Star dining places.

Snowdrops Indicating The Arrival Of The Spring

Snowdrops are tiny white flowers that are delicate and hard indicating the arrival of spring. There is a distinct woodland garden on the fellside. It has winding paths, and there are various snowdrop varieties. The gardens were created more than 20 years ago by Edwina Miller.  Common snowdrops are found under the trees in their naturalized form, and there are rarer snowdrop plantings, interspersed with rare daffodils and pink hellebore.

While exploring the gardens, you can see ivory colored snowdrops featuring yellow stems.  There are farms developed for wildlife, and you can enjoy watching lamb being hand-fed around these regions. Lancashire has fertile lands, and with abundant water sources, the growing conditions are excellent, with each season bringing new tastes.

Spring Is In The Air

Spring in Lancashire is in the air, with the winter melting away. Lamb is served at Easter in springtime recipes. The Dalesbred is the traditional breed of sheep; it is a hardy sheep with curled horns grazing on the highest hills on Lancashire. Away from the hills, sprouts of broccoli, leeks, spring greens, and cabbages are present.  Parsnips go well with Bramley apples, while wild garlic grows along the river banks in damp areas.

Spring in Lancashire

Blackpool’s Big Attractions

The big attraction in Blackpool is the Comedy Carpet, which is a must-see during spring.  This is an outdoor area paved with granite letters. This is a public art display that allows people to read, share and laugh at some of the quotes. You can find more than 1000 writers and comedian jokes, catchphrases, and songs making the time spent here, worthwhile. The Winter Gardens coffee bar, the pretty windmill, and its chic shops make a tourist stay a lot longer than usual. Likewise, taking a stroll across Lytham Hill to see the snowdrop trail is really pleasant.

Lytham Hall

Until 1900 Lytham Hall was a family home. British Aerospace employer gave £1m for the 78-acre estate, and now the Lytham Hall is run for and by the local community. Local volunteers now manage this eighteenth-century house. The snowdrop events during February weekend at Lytham Hall are highly popular, and people get a close-up view of the bright white carpets of droplet flowers. Tourists coming here should not miss heading to the farmers market near Preston, Hoghton Tower. This farmer’s market has Lancashire goodies in plenty including chocolates, cheese pies, Ormskirk onions, and handmade beeswax lotions that are unique only during the Spring season.

Lytham Hall