Top Places for Picnics and Outdoor Fun in Lancashire

Contemporary life has made a lot of people completely at home with the indoors. Human beings have been so centered on indoor living that going out and having fun in a natural setting may seem strange and out of place. Maybe it would take just the right place for you to be enticed to leave the comforts of home and share a fun afternoon with your family and friends. In England’s Lancashire county, locals and guests can have their pick in the many parks, beaches, and hills that offer up fun experiences and beautiful scenery as a backdrop for your outdoor adventure.

St. Anne’s Beach in Lytham

St. Anne’s Beach is the perfect spot for a day out in the sun during summertime. The beach ideally located in the coastal area of the beautiful Victorian town of St. Anne. Family and friends can have fun on the beach doing traditional beach activities like beach volleyball and sandcastle building. You can also walk in the promenade gardens amidst playful ducks and a waterfall. Cafés, restaurants, and ice cream shops are located just around the beach.

Pendle Hill

If you want a low key and quiet place to have a picnic with your loved ones, Pendle Hill is another good choice. Although notorious for the scary stories that surround the area because of the historic witch trials that occurred in the county during the 1600s, do not be discouraged and try visiting Pendle hill. You will definitely be awed and relaxed by the English countryside vista that you would be able to view on the top of the hill.

Crook O’Lune

Having a picnic on the banks of a beautiful river certainly has its charm. Just imagine rowing down the gentle flow of the water with your friends, or just spending a quiet afternoon under the mellow sunlight while lying on the blanket draped on lush green fields. This relaxing scenario could be had in the parks and picnic sites of Crook O’Lune, located along a horseshoe bend of the River Lune in Halton, Lancashire. The countryside is also inviting for taking walks along paths that would take you through tree-lined banks and over bridges.

The Dukes

The Dukes is one of the theatres found in Lancashire county. However, they do not perform solely in indoor theatres. During some of their theatre seasons, patrons and audiences can enjoy theatrical performances in the summertime sights of the Edwardian Williamson Park. The park has been a venue for many of the troupe’s performances such as the swashbuckling action that accompanies any rendition of Dumas’ The Three Musketeers. More than the sight of a beautiful play, audiences can also enjoy sunsets and the ocean breeze in another outdoor theatre venue, the Ashton Memorial near the Morecambe Bay.

Turton Tower

History enthusiasts can find a charming place for outdoor fun and happy picnics on the grounds of the Turton Tower. The tower is actually a Tudor manor house built during the late Medieval period in England. It was originally a two-story Pele tower made out of stone that has been altered and enlarged since the 16th century. Listed, as a grade I building, the Turton Tower is recognized for its national importance. Vast gardens and woodlands surround the manor property, which makes it perfect for a day out in the sun.