Top Sporting Events in Lancashire England

Lancashire is truly a marvelous place on Earth. It has everything from gorgeous lakes, to rolling hills, to beautiful forests. It is a perfect place for a family vacation but it’s also one of the main places where sports and outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy themselves. There are countless hiking and bike trails all over the county and there’s no shortage of water activities. It is safe to say that if you are a sporty person, this is the county for you. But the best time to do your favorite sport is at a sporting event. Lancashire definitely has something to offer for every taste.

Wheelbase Spring Classic

One of the biggest annual cycling events to take place here. The weather in March may not be perfect but you are sure to enjoy cycling through the lovely British countryside while racing with others. The competition is open to various ages and skill levels and is overall a fun event for sport lovers. The race track is not very difficult and the safety measures are impeccable.

Ulverston Triathlon

This event starts on the 1st of April and it is one of the most inclusive ones of this kind in England, as all age groups can participate, even the oldest of sports enthusiasts. It is made up of three parts, running, swimming and cycling. All of the race tracks are well-maintained, and a medical team follows the participants at all times. It is a very nice event that is meant for the whole family and signal the beginning of April, and seeing how there is a school holiday, it makes it perfect for the participants and for spectators.

Southport Triathlon

Unlike the aforementioned triathlon, this sports event is solely for the professionals. The participants battle for the National Championships and ETU European Championship qualifications. The rules are quite strict which is why the majority of the competitors are professional athletes who have prepared months in advance. The contest is well-organized for spectators too. There are many places where you can watch the people race by.

Petzl Night Trail Run

This is an excellent event for joggers, no matter the age or skill. What makes this event particularly interesting, is that it takes place in the middle of the night. All the runners have to wear a flashlight in order to follow the track. You are also encouraged to wear a fancy-dress costume – a perfect excuse to dress up as a family and do exercise in style! It is a race that takes place in different locations all over Lancashire and this makes it a great way to be in nature and its surroundings.

Lakeland 100

This competition is one of the most fun and challenging long-distance trail running championships in England. The 100-mile run will take you through some of the most beautiful areas in the region and up to 6,300m above sea level.  There are multiple checkpoints along the route, so it is very safe, though maybe not appropriate for all ages.