What is Gravy Wrestling in Lancashire – Whacky Sporting Competitions

You might have seen wrestling on a wrestling court where two people fight for 6 minutes divided into three rounds; whoever wins two rounds is declared the winner of the match. However, have you ever heard of Gravy Wrestling?  Probably not. Out of all the strange events taking place around the world add this one to the list. This culinary sport is unique to Lancashire and is termed The World Gravy Wrestling event. It is the World’s craziest and most fun-filled competition. Here, two people wrestle for 2 minutes in a gravy pool. The winner is announced after every match. This insane event takes place only in Lancashire, so if you ever wish to watch something entertaining or take part in it, you should definitely visit Lancashire. It is held in August every year on the bank holiday on a Monday. Many fun activities are held as part of this event because the event is organized mainly to make people laugh. The competitors score points based on costume and the number of fun moves they have performed and which opponent gets the most laughter out the audience. So, if you are a wrestler or not, you can always participate in this sport.

Heavy wrestling fun moment

Besides all the entertainment and fun, this event also hosts charity work for the poor and needy. The money collected during the entire event is used for the medical expenses of poor people who cannot pay for their medication. For over 30 years, the organizers have helped countless people suffering from Blackburn, Darwen, etc. and continue to do so. Now you must be thinking ‘Are women allowed in this competition?’ Of course, they are. These days women are a part of every field from earning their keep to wrestling in gravy. Even children are allowed to participate in this sport but with their parents’ consent. If you are visiting Lancashire and are bored with all the sightseeing and cycling adventures, choose to travel in August for the best of Gravy wrestling entertainment. Besides, this is one place where you can let loose and not worry about decorum or being politically polite. Get your gravy gear on and indulge in some free-spirited fun that heavily donates toward charity. If you don’t win, no problem, you get to leave with a heart full of laughs and an accomplishment that very few people can claim having achieved. If you don’t want to be a part of the competition, you can also be a contributing spectator and enjoy watching people get all crazy and whacky, slipping in the gravy and creating swirls of laughs. In the end, you are bound to have a few good laughs. Several food stalls surround the event. So, food and drink are available in plenty at the venue for those who wish to make a complete day out of it. At night, there is always the options of enjoying some of the culinary delights of Lancashire and wrapping up a full-filled day with a glass or two.